The SmartSTAMP Imprint

Industry Standard Technology... with an Eye Toward the Future

The SmartSTAMP e-Medallion Signature Guarantee (e-MSG) "imprint" is a digital signature based on cryptographic algorithms that is embedded into a PDF file, rendering each file tamper-evident (i.e. modified files will fail authenticity verification), and rendering every transaction unique and traceable to the Guarantor. SmartSTAMP uses Industry Standard Encryption Technology to ensure compatibility with current IT infrastructures, thereby facilitating systems integration for Guarantors and Transfer Agents alike.

The SmartSTAMP e-MSG solution is completely paperless and entirely cloud based, with no additional hardware or software required. In addition, the system’s event auto-logging feature will streamline compliance and regulatory efforts.

SmartSTAMP e-MSG imprints can be authenticated at any point during the electronic document's life by a simple click of the mouse. Importantly, the SmartSTAMP e-MSG is "an imprint" as defined within, and covered by, the new Universal STAMP Program Documents. This will allow Universal STAMP to adapt or modify the technology used to create the e-MSG imprint in response to evolving technologies.